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March Madness meets midnight munchies

Novelty popcorn bowl by Wabash Valley Farms lets you shoot hoops with your popcorn.

The popcorn bowl scores high in novelty coolness, but falls short in functionality.

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? If you never followed her advice, then at least now you can buy a bowl that gives you some justification. The Wild Fling Bowl from Wabash Valley Farms not only holds popcorn, but also comes with a basketball hoop and corresponding slingshot so that you can practice your aim with the fluffy snack.

The bowl also has a compartment to hold a remote control and soda can, although some users have said that the "holder for the remote control works OK, but the holder for a drink is only slightly useful. It's supposedly designed for a pop can, but putting a pop can in and out requires you to be somewhat careful." However, the same user also praised the design of the bowl, saying, "The compartment for the popcorn itself is a nice size and the bowl is shaped well to sit on a sofa pretty safely."

The plastic is washable with soap and water, dishwasher safe, and comes in two color combinations: red with orange and blue; or blue with green and purple. It's available for about $19.95, which you could probably earn back if you start placing bets on popcorn-based HORSE games with your friends.