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Manage your passwords with RoboForm Pro, $20.95 (today only)

Popular password-manager RoboForm Pro normally runs $29.95, but you can get it today for $20.95.

Siber Systems, Inc.

A good password-manager is absolutely essential, and most users of RoboForm would agree it's one of the best. (CNET certainly does: Check out the five-star review.) The program remembers your passwords for various sites and automatically fills them in when you visit. It can also auto-fill Web forms for you, generate robust passwords, and even sync with your Palm or Windows Mobile phone.

Alas, the free version of RoboForm has some serious limitations, which is why most users spring for the $29.95 Pro version. Here's your chance to save nine bucks: Deal-of-the-day site Yugster is offering RoboForm Pro for $20.95. But it's today only (Friday, Sept. 12), so chop-chop.

This isn't boxed software, but rather a download. When you place your order, Yugster will shoot you the necessary download link, license code, and activation instructions.

Like I said, a good password-manager is essential. I've used one for years to store all kinds of critical information--not just passwords, but also alarm codes, credit card numbers, software activation info, and so on. (RoboForm's Safenotes feature handles stuff like that.) I know we're only talking nine bucks here, but, hey, it's a movie ticket.