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See guy use a drone to blast his patio clean

Autumn leaves covering up your patio or deck? Get out your drone and blast them away, as this man does in a new YouTube video.

When you look at the website for the Phantom 3 drone made by DJI, you learn all about its fancy flight controls, 4K camera and other high-tech features. What you don't learn is that the drone can make quick work of that dreaded fall task -- leaf cleanup.

For that clever use of the drone, you have to turn to the YouTube channel of one Mike Schreurs, who on Sunday posted the above video titled simply enough: "How to sweep your patio quickly."

In the short clip, Schreurs is shown trying to get his patio cleared of leaves when his broom breaks (though that is certainly a setup). Being that the description of his channel has to do with helping people learn how to use Adobe's video-editing software, Schreurs is clearly a tech-savvy guy, which makes his next action no surprise.

He simply flies his Phantom 3 over the patio and the leaves scatter thanks to the force of the drone's rotors. The wind force is even strong enough to blow the broom handle away.

There's no telling if the machine would work as well with leaves on grass, but I have a feeling a few of you will be trying it out this week.

People and even animals haven't necessarily taken too kindly to drones lately, and the US government has just announced plans to require the unmanned aerial vehicles to be registered, making them a bit more cumbersome to own. This unique use of a drone, though, should give the UAVs a nice little PR boost.

(Via Laughing Squid)