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Make your own tortillas and tacos

These baking pans let you bake more healthful versions of taco faves.

I can almost taste the tacos. Amazon

I am all about making more and more of the things I used to buy. I never buy bread, I make all our waffles, I try to make a lot of my kids school snacks and so on--but I'm still buying taco shells for our weekly fajita/taco night.

Maybe that'll change if I get these tortilla/taco shell pans. Made of heavy gauge a aluminumized steel, the nonstick pans let you bake your taco shells--so you don't have to deal with grease and extra fat. Cleanup is easy--the nonstick pans are dishwasher safe and won't rust or corrode.

Use them to make bowls for taco salads, or taco bowls to hold dips for a festive look at your next get-together. Reviewers at Amazon rate the bowls highly, and the bowls come with a small recipe booklet.

Check them out. I plan to.