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Make your own soda in seconds

The Sodastream Fountain Jet pours out sparkling water and sodas in seconds.

The Sodastream Fountain Jet Sodastream

Soda and sparkling water can make up a surprisingly large portion of a grocery bill if a person isn't careful. But it is possible to bring down the cost by making your own. The Sodastream Fountain Jet can carbonate a 1-liter bottle of soda in a matter of seconds: it's a matter of mixing water and a soda syrup for a drink. Even better, the soda syrups available from Sodastream do not use high-fructose corn syrup and are better for you. There are more than 25 flavors available, in regular, diet, and caffeine-free versions. There's even an energy drink version.

The Sodastream Fountain Jet comes with a starter kit that includes not only the soda maker but also carbonators and reusable carbonating bottles where you can store soda. The bottles are BPA-free and reusable, as well as available in a variety of designs. The system does not require electricity to run, instead relying on carbonators filled with CO2. A small carbonator will prepare up 60 1-liter bottles, while a large carbonator can add fizz to up to 110 1-liter bottles. It's priced at $84.99 and additional flavors, carbonators, and bottles are available from Sodastream. Carbonators can also be refilled by authorized retailers.