Make red wine stains vanish

A little spilled wine can turn into a big problem, leaving stains in all kinds of fabric. Wine Away offers a way to remove red wine stains without harsh cleaners.

Wine Away
Sur La Table

Tablecloths, carpets, clothing--red wine can leave stains anywhere it's spilled. The Wine Away Spray Stain Remover can clean up those stains and, since the kit is small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket, you can have it on hand whenever you need it, even if you're out to dinner. The kit's tin contains three mini spray bottles. An individual, purse-size bottle is also available. The spray can instantly remove stains from clothing and carpets, leaving a citrus scent behind. Rather than harsh chemicals, the cleaner is made from water and fruit and vegetable extracts. There's no bleach in the ingredients and is entirely nontoxic.

The Wine Away Spray Stain Remover is manufactured by Evergreen Labs and is available through Sur la Table. The cleaner makes it easy to enjoy a glass of red wine without worrying about drips or spills. It could make a useful gift for a wine aficionado or a host who does a lot of entertaining--either way, a simple way to clean up red wine stains is sure to come in handy. The individual Wine Away Spray Stain Remover is $6, while the kit is available for $9.