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Make homemade yogurt easily

The Yogurt Incubator will help you make your own yogurt without extra work.

The Yogurt Incubator Lehman's

Making your own yogurt can require some close supervision: you must keep a close eye on the temperature to make sure it stays in the appropriate range for yogurt. The Yogurt Incubator, from Lehman's keeps your yogurt at a constant temperature--without needing some appliance that must be plugged in. Instead, the incubator uses Styrofoam's insulating properties to keep your yogurt evenly heated for hours. It comes with a dairy thermometer as well as a glass disc to keep milk from boiling over.

Using the Yogurt Incubator is simple: you pour in heated milk and add the starter culture. While starter cultures are not included with the incubator, getting them is easy as purchasing a small carton of yogurt with live cultures from the grocery store. With the Yogurt Incubator, you can use any sort of milk. Goat's milk, soy, and even powdered milk all work with the incubator. You can also use it to make buttermilk and sour cream. The Yogurt Incubator holds two quarts at a time. Because of the simple design, it's easy to clean and has no moving parts that could malfunction. Replacement liners are available, but you can make many batches of yogurt before you'll need a new liner. The Yogurt Incubator is priced at $52.95.