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Make fresh iced tea with the push of a button

The Iced Tea Maker from Back to Basics can help you make the perfect pitcher of iced tea.

The Iced Tea Maker

During hot weather, I drink iced tea by the gallon. I used to press my coffeemaker into service to brew enough iced tea during the summer, but between the odd after taste and the fact that I couldn't really control the strength of the tea, I decided I needed a dedicated tea maker. The Iced Tea Maker from Back to Basics is ideal for the purpose: it was designed with brewing tea in mind and offers several features that will help you to that end. One of my favorites is the tea brew-strength selector: I happen to like my iced tea quite strong, but with a coffeemaker, achieving that strength of flavor usually required using extra tea bags.

The Iced Tea Maker also has a sweetener chamber. You can add the sweetener of your choice during the brewing process, making sure that every drop of your iced tea is equally sweetened. You can also use the unit without sweetener. The iced tea is dispensed directly into a glass serving pitcher that comes with the Iced Tea Maker. The pitcher holds 2.5 quarts and fits on the top shelf of the refrigerator. The Iced Tea Maker costs about $30 at Target.