Make condiments fun

Spread Heads add some fun to spreading ketchup and mustard--and get children in on the act.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

Spread the fun with The Spread Head. Spread Heads

While a kitchen doesn't necessarily need to be child-friendly, a few touches of fun can get children interested in food and even intrigue adults. Spread Heads can offer a little extra fun for your condiments: its nozzles can be screwed on to bottles to replace the lids of ketchup, mustard, and any other sauce bottles in the fridge. The Spread Heads are shaped like faces, complete with names. Ketchup Charlie is yellow and spreads condiments through his over-size nose. Mustard Marvin is green and uses his tongue to share sauces. There might be a little bit of an ick factor for adults, but children tend to react with glee.

The Spread Heads are plastic and fit most upright U.S. condiment bottles. Right now, the Spread Heads Web site only has two designs for sale, but it looks as if they have several more designs in the works. Each Spread Head is priced at $4.49. The maker does warn that using the original cap that comes with your condiments for storage is a good idea: you ketchup and mustard will stay fresh longer and you'll be able to clean the Spread Heads between use, reducing any concern of contamination.