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MagNeo replaces MacBook's USB-C, offers high-speed video and data

The MagNeo aims to replace the USB-C connector on Apple's latest MacBook Pro with an old-school MagSafe-like adapter.


Kickstarter: It could be tech speak for "fixing problems that Apple creates."

The Cupertino company's decision to abandon most ports on the new MacBook Pro in favor of USB-C left many people scratching their heads -- especially fans of the MagSafe connector. Apple's super-logical MagSafe power connectors were the ones pop on and off with magnetic ease, saving anyone prone to tripping on cables.

Now, the new MagNeo is here to save the day.

MagNeo says its the first magnetic USB-C solution that can do 5K video and high-speed data, despite competitors like the Griffin BreakSafe coming to market first. The MagNeo is also different because it's an adapter, meaning you can connect your own cable or USB hub to it.


The reversible connector consists of an aluminum shell and a proprietary magnetic 20-pin connector which is designed to facilitate the adapter's high throughput.

The company says MagNeo isn't only for MacBooks and can be used on any device that uses a USB-C connector including the Google Pixel and tablets.

The MagNeo Kickstarter has a $35,000 funding goal and ends on January 27. The early bird special is $29 or $35, but the eventual retail price hasn't been announced. Keep in mind, of course, that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time and as expected.