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MacBook Thin: Will Apple launch a new 12-inch laptop?

Will 2007 bring a smaller, thinner MacBook. The Mac rumour mill thinks so... but the Mac rumour mill is sometimes (often) wrong.

There are only a few days left before MacWorld in San Francisco and the Mac rumour mill is grinding up all the old stories and spitting out new grist. If speculation about the new version of Mac OSX wasn't enough, there's also the possibility of a MacBook Thin to consider.

Apple is rumoured to have developed a new 12-inch MacBook that is considerably thinner than the company's current offerings. Apple's tradition of religious silence over product launches means that there is no official word on any of the specs. However, anonymous industry insiders who are credited with bringing news of the MacBook Thin to the Internet claim battery life on the new model will push 8 hours.

Many critics think the lack of a 12-inch model in the current Mac line-up leaves a gaping hole in the range. We see a lot of old 12-inch PowerBooks still in use by journalists and photographers at press conferences. The 12-inch model remains the most portable Macintosh laptop ever made. It seems completely plausible that Apple is thinking of launching the 12-inch MacBook Thin, but whether it will be unveiled at Macworld San Francisco this year remains a mystery. -CS