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MacBook Pro with Retina display wait time at 3-4 weeks

Fancy splashing out on Apple's new retina-toting MacBook Pro? You could be waiting up to a month.

Fancy splashing out on Apple's new retina-touting MacBook Pro? You could be waiting up to a month, as wait times on Apple's UK store have jumped to 3-4 weeks.

Both the 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz versions of Apple's new ludicrously expensive laptop are listed with the frustrating wait time, proving that despite the high price tag, there are people out there happy to part with two grand in order to gaze lovingly at the MacBook Pro's 15-inch retina display.

The patience-testing waiting time could be down to the fact that Apple may not have manufactured very many of the luxurious laptops to start with. Whatever the reason however, demand for the wallet-pounding tech is clearly being pushed.

Wait times for the recently refreshed, retina-free MacBook Pro are much more palatable, with both configurations of the 13 and 15-inch versions listed as in stock.

The same goes for the refreshed MacBook Air models, which along with their Pro counterparts, now tout USB 3.0 ports and Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

The retina-sporting Pro model was a surprise unveil at Apple's WWDC keynote on Monday. As well as the headline-grabbing display, it offers an 18mm-thin chassis, and the cheapest model boasts a hearty 256GB of flash storage.

I've been peeking at the Retina Pro's display this morning, and while it does look phenomenal, something to be aware of is that until website owners and app developers start spitting out high-resolution assets, you'll find some websites and programs looking decidedly ropey on this mega-resolution screen.

Are you tempted? Will you wait a year to see if the MacBook Air gets a retina screen? Or would you rather find a more affordable, high-end PC? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.