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Lytro 'living pictures' now supported on 500px

Photo-sharing site 500px can now display interactive images from Lytro light-field cameras. It's also offering users a US$250 discount on the Illum model.

Douglas Evans/Lytro

One of the benefits of owning a Lytro camera is the ability to refocus images after they have been taken. However, being able to share those images online has been a little more tricky than just posting a regular JPEG because these 'living pictures' are in a proprietary format.

Photo-sharing site 500px can now accept uploads and display these images with full interactive effects. Some of the ways you can manipulate images from the Lytro include clicking around to change focus, clicking and dragging for perspective shift, or double click to zoom.

500px has a dedicated page that highlights some of the best images taken on the Lytro.

Also on offer from the photo-sharing site is a $250 discount on the new Illum camera that was announced earlier this year.

Unlike the first Lytro model which was shaped like an elongated block, the Illum follows a more traditional camera design. Alongside a chunky grip, the lens features a fixed f/2.0 aperture with a 1-inch sensor behind it.

The discounted price is open to all 500px users who pre-order the Illum before July 31 and enter their details in this form. The offer is only available to buyers who make an order through Lytro.com and not to international customers ordering through resellers.