Loupedeck upgrades its Lightroom photo editing console

The Loupedeck+ brings spruced-up hardware and software -- and a price cut to $229.

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Stephen Shankland
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The $229 Loupedeck+ console for Lightroom photo editing gets a hardware and software upgrade.


Loupedeck, an editing console geared specifically for photographers who spend a lot of time editing photos in Adobe Systems ' Lightroom, just got a hardware and software update in a refresh called the Loupedeck+.

And the price got an upgrade, too. The original Loupedeck debuted in 2017 for $300, though you could find it for $210 this year. The Loupedeck+ debuts at a more appealing $229.

The USB-connected Loupedeck+ has a similar arrangement of dedicated knobs and buttons for adjusting parameters like exposure and color temperature, navigating through your photo catalog, applying editing presets and giving your shots color and star ratings. But buttons now have mechanical actuation for better sturdiness and precision, a few buttons have been added or changed, and the overall build quality is better, the Finnish manufacturer said.

The software, too, has been overhauled for speed and stability. It also adds an option for complete customization of the buttons and knobs and adds support for a Lightroom competitor, Skylum Software's Aurora HDR.

It's still not going to plug into every laptop running Lightroom Classic. But it is an interesting example of how widely used, complex software can be transformed with the kind of custom hardware you'd expect to see in professional video editing stations or music studios.

Loupedeck said the Loupedeck+ improvements were made in response to specific customer requests. It requires Lightroom Classic CC, the traditional version of Adobe's software, not the newer Lightroom CC that's geared to be simpler to use and more in sync with Lightroom for phones and tablets .

First published June 20, 7 a.m PT

Update, 8:17 a.m. PT: Corrects the Loupedeck+ price. It costs $299.

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