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Look sharp with this fish knife.

A unique, eye-catching color scheme and an ergonomic handle design make this knife a great choice for beginners and experienced chefs.

Teach a man to fish, and he'll ask for a great knife. KAI USA

Good tools are a necessity in the kitchen. They save time, heartache, and money in the long run. A good knife, in particular, can really make or break your food preparation--which, in turn, can determine whether your meal inspires or falls flat.

When it comes to serving, I often choose form over function. But knives? Forget it. I don't care how much a knife costs; I care how well it cuts. For slicing tomatoes and cucumbers for Israeli salad, for example, I use the world's cheapest knives, purchased in a four-pack in Israel years ago. But sometimes, you need something more, and that's where Pure Komachi's 4-1/4-inch fish knife comes in handy.

This is a true Japanese fish knife--use it for scaling, boning, and even transferring filleted fish from one part of the kitchen to another. The translucent ergonomic handle is fun to hold, and tiny icons show through it to demonstrate proper positioning.

The blade is a coated high-carbon stainless steel that resists corrosion and makes cleaning easier. The razor-sharp edge slices with ease, and the coating keeps food from sticking to the blade during preparation.

And just because you're getting function doesn't mean you're sacrificing form. This knife looks good, and it even features a whimsical, fish-shaped cutout beneath its handle.

At less than $20, the knife is affordable, and worth every penny. En garde!