London to be giant Wi-Fi hotspot by 2012, says mayor

Tousled-haired Tory toff Boris Johnson wants to turn every lamppost and bus stop in London into a Wi-Fi hotspot before the 2012 Olympics

Charles Kloet

London will be covered in Wi-Fi hotspots before the 2012 Olympics if tousled-haired Tory toff Boris Johnson has his way.

"Every lamppost and every bus stop will one day very soon -- and before the 2012 Olympics -- be Wi-Fi enabled," quoth the London mayor at a Google event on Tuesday.

Twenty-two of London's 32 boroughs have already signed up to the Wi-Fi London initiative, which aims to use the existing electrical supply in lampposts and bus stops to power the installed hotspot boxes. Pricing details for access to the Wi-Fi network have yet to be announced.

Will the initiative come to fruition, or will it be beset by troubles, like Swindon's comparable scheme? Would you appreciate being able to search for the nearest banana vendor when on the Strand, without using your phone's patchy 3G connection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.