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Logitech loses the tech with new Logi brand

To reflect a more design-centric approach, the mouse maker is rolling out a new logo and a new brand as part of its reinvention.

Logitech's new brand identity: Logi Logitech

Say goodbye to the old Logitech, say hello to the new Logi.

Little did we know, but since 2013 the folks running computer peripherals maker Logitech have been working "behind the scenes to reinvent the company, shaking things up culturally and through its product innovation." To reflect those changes and a shift to a more design-centric attitude, it's now rolling out a new logo and new brand.

"Logitech has undergone huge changes, so we've created an identity that is an expression of who we are today and who we will be moving forward," said Alastair Curtis, chief design officer at Logitech. "A company transformation of this magnitude should come with an equally bold transformation of its brand."

Don't expect the Logitech brand to be retired any time soon; it's going to stick around for a while, with the new logo you see below. But in the coming months you'll see the Logi label on select new products in existing categories, as well as new categories the company will be expanding into.

While no specific products were cited as part of the launch of the new Logi brand, the press release says the company will "crafting a portfolio of products that go beyond PC peripherals, to products that have a place in every aspect of your daily life."

We're not sure exactly what that means, but we'll soon find out. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the Logi logo in the comments section below. Don't be shy.

The new, redesigned logo for Logitech. Logitech