Backpack sports phone charger, anti-theft locker and hidden pockets

A new product being funded on Indigogo comes amazingly close to letting you pack your life into a bag.

Daniel Van Boom Senior Writer
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Daniel Van Boom

If you're one of the increasing amount of people who's more about working from a cafe than an office, this Indigogo project will be of interest to you.

The Lifepack is a spacious-looking backpack with two main distinguishing features: a removable solarbank USB charger, said to be able to power up an iPhone 6S Plus 12 times, and an integrated lock that prevents theft.

The solarbank charger doubles as a bluetooth speaker, and the lock can also be used as a bottle opener (the future truly is now). The backpack itself has two differently designed areas -- the work zone and the life zone -- as well as several hidden pockets for earphones, passports, smartphones and the like.

You can pre-purchase the bag now for $169 (AU$225, £115), though it'll cost $250 when it hits retail. The campaign says October is the delivery goal, and that looks like it'll become a reality as, with over $680,000 raised, the project is now 3,000 percent funded.