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Linx Photo 8W: Picture perfect, or wrongly framed?

An electronic photo frame that shows off your favourite images in digital format? You can snap one up now, thanks to Linx

Crave used to dream of a time when we'd all be flying around in space bubbles, eating moon cakes and mating with robots. So many of our dreams have been proven radically insane, yet this electronic picture frame is real. It's an interesting diversion from the depressing realisation that all the great products we thought we'd have by the 21st century have failed to materialise.

The Linx Photo 8W may not be to everyone's tastes. Those who have a natural aversion to the kind of gauche tat that some of the UK's more famous pre-fab furniture stores have to offer will find no solace in this frame. It accepts photos on SD, MMC and MS type memory cards and will display these photos on its electronic screen. The Linx has a resolution of 720x480 pixels.

There's a USB port for hooking the frame up to your computer, and it's powered off an internal rechargeable lithium battery -- or you could leave it plugged into the wall.

The Linx may be a fairly effective electronic photo frame, but you are stuck with the one design. What we'd really like is a flat panel that can be mounted into an existing frame. Conceivably you could do this with the Linx, but you'd risk shattering it into a miasma of plastic shards during your modding extravaganza. The Linx is available now for around £110. -CS