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Lindows unveils business machine

The Linux software company, which is continuing its foray into hardware, launches a $169 computer for retail sites, government agencies, corporations and schools.

Lindows.com, best known for its consumer-oriented version of the Linux operating system, launched on Thursday a low-cost computer for retail sites, government agencies, corporations and schools.

The $169 BusinessStation system can be turned on and configured by a centrally located administrator using Lindows' MyProfile service. That service, which starts at $10 per machine annually, lets administrators customize each machine for specific tasks.

The BusinessStation is similar to the WebStation, a computer that does away with the hard drive and floppy drive. Lindows launched the $169 WebStation in July. Earlier this month, the company released the full-featured KooBox desktop computer with a flat-panel monitor for $449.

"When we launched the WebStation, we heard from many corporate customers excited about low price point and zero maintenance, but who also needed to customize WebStations for their particular application," such as kiosks, training labs, schools or call centers, Michael Roberston, Lindows CEO, said in a statement. "With BusinessStation, any corporation, school or government can now deploy machines tailored to their particular Internet task without a big technology budget or complex training or setup."

Lindows said the new product is already being used by two customers: Wireless Telematics, an asset tracking firm, and the Southwest Shore Development Committee of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.