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Lian Li's motorized standing desk doubles as a beefy gaming PC

Noted computer case manufacturer Lian-Li introduces a $1,500 motorized standing desk that doubles as a computer chassis.


A standing desk is a great way to avoid sitting on your rear all day -- but many standing desks don't have a great place to put your PC. Taiwanese case manufacturer Lian Li has an intriguing answer: a motorized standing desk that brilliantly doubles as a unique case for all your PC components.

Lian Li

The Lian Li DK-04 not only has room for full-size motherboards, power supplies, graphics cards and liquid cooling options, it also has a pair of motorized iron legs that raise the entire surface up to 46 inches (117cm, 3.83ft) into the air at the press of a button. There's even a tempered glass surface so you can see your prized PC components through the top of the table.

Lian-Li says the desk will be available on May 10 for $1,499 in the United States, and Engadget reports it will cost £1,269.99 in Europe. No word on AU availability yet.

Lian-Li via Engadget