LG shows Emotion at CeBIT

What happens when you lock LG's style gurus in a room with an ordinary TFT monitor? You get the Emotion series -- a range of displays that'll knock your socks off. Maybe

Rory Reid

With the possible exception of the Acer Ferrari series, TFT monitors are pretty boring. They show images, have a few ports dotted about them, and for the most part, they're rectangular. Whoop-dee-Craving-doo.

Still, we've got to give credit to LG for trying to spice things up with a new range of stylish TFTs that would make Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen gush uncontrollably into his purple cravat.

The Emotion series is prettier than other monitors. We've only managed to sneak a peek at one model in the range -- the curiously named Eclipse -- but already our interest has been piqued.

The base of the Eclipse has a funky LED light that glows eerily in day or night -- so you'll get plenty of oohs, aahs and rahs from fellow geeks. Okay, so it's not the revolution in TFT displays we'd imagined, but given the choice between the Eclipse and most of its existing rivals, we'd opt for LG's offering in a heartbeat.

With a bit of luck we'll get to check out the rest of the Emotion range as CeBIT unfolds. -RR

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