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LG Microwave Toaster Combo: Misunderstood monster or chef's dream?

LG combines the microwave and the toaster into one double-feature package.

Combination appliances always freak me out. I can't help but imagine someday everything will be fused into one gigantic (I suppose I should say ginormous) monstrosity that can cook, clean, and even eat all of our meals for us. Little did we know that when manufactures first started putting seemingly innocuous little clocks into their devices that we were paving the way for our eventual robot overlords.

Toast Combo: a toaster and a microwave oven in one LG

Appliance paranoia aside, this particular device does seem like a mostly good idea. The microwave has long been heralded as the go-to cooking device for heating up food in a flash, but it has never been too well known for browning food. Rather than admitting defeat to toastability, it seems LG has taken the stance that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Literally.

The most logical of LG's line of combination microwaves, the MD-6653GT integrates a two-slice toaster directly into the housing. (Other versions include a coffee maker and a strange "Radio and Messenger" model). While I do appreciate the concession that toast is simply not microwaveable, I would have liked to have seen LG take this idea a step further and more fully integrate a more "toaster-oven" type of toaster. While this model may be perfect for toast and English muffins, heating foods such as a slice of pizza would still be better suited by another device. Perhaps running the toaster element along the top edge instead of the side would have solved this problem by creating a flat toasting area.

Regardless of how this Frankenstein contraption may be arranged, it is still a combination appliance and therefore suited perfectly for some people, while others will find it a bit lacking. I, for one, would like to continue to welcome in this era of combination appliances, but would respectfully request that we keep the current meaning of "nuking a cup of coffee" exactly as it is now.