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Let your calories do the counting with Escali's SmartConnect Kitchen Scale

The SmartConnect Kitchen Scale from Escali works in tandem with an app via Bluetooth. The system makes it easy to see and track nutritional data.

You are what you eat. Your app data is what you eat too.
You are what you eat. Your app data is what you eat too.

Keeping track of food intake is something that many people have striven to do. That's not to say many have actually done it, just that many have tried. After all, the process is time consuming and takes away from the time that we can actually be consuming -- which of course is a much more enjoyable activity. But just because something was inconvenient to do in the past, doesn't mean it will be in the future. Or right now.

Gone are the days of tediously weighing food and calculating its nutritional impact. Now, we don't even have to write down the results. The SmartConnect Kitchen Scale from Escali ($99.95) not only weighs your food, but sends the data to a connected app, giving precise details of what you are about to eat.

Available for devices running iOS 6 and above (Android compatibility is due early this year), the system offers an easy way to track calories and other content. Just weigh food like normal, but instead of simple measurement, the app returns specific information about 35 nutrients. The database has over 8,000 food items in it, allowing for a wide variety of food to be analyzed. Items are then added to a food journal, making actually counting calories a thing of the past -- checking what it all adds up to, however, is another story.