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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, first Windows 8 tablet, costs £1,200

It could be the first Windows 8 tablet -- it's the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, and it's been priced at £1,200.

What could be the first Windows 8 tablet has a price tag. We hope you're not standing on your head right now, because the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga will cost £1,200, the company has revealed.

The Yoga is an ultrabook laptop with a folding screen that bends over backwards to turn the whole thing into a tablet, like the Asus Eee PC T101MT. It's powered by Windows 8, the next generation of Microsoft's venerable operating system which will run both computers and tablets. The basic model costs £1,200, and a more powerful Core i7 model costs an even more kundalini-disturbing £1,500.

An ultrabook is a slimline laptop using the latest Intel chips, such as the Samsung Series 5 or Acer Aspire S3 -- here's our guide to the best ultrabooks so far.

When it coined the name, Intel promised ultrabooks would start from around £600, and the subtext was clear: these are svelte laptops for people who don't want to drop £1,100 or so on a MacBook Air. The Samsung Series 5 costs around £850 and the Acer S3 around £600.

With that in mind, £1,200 seems like an awful lot for the Yoga, so it remains to be seen if that price tag remains unchanged when it actually hits shelves, on a date that's yet to be confirmed. Update: Lenovo tells us to expect the Yoga "around October".

We'd be a bit more forgiving of that price tag if the screen split off on its own to become a lightweight tablet so you were actually getting both tablet and laptop, a bit like the Asus Transformer Prime or the saucer section of the USS Enterprise. But it doesn't, and at 17mm the Yoga is perfectly slim for a laptop but pretty hefty for a tablet.

Is £1,200 justified for the Lenovo Yoga? Are ultrabooks and tablets a good fit? Will Windows 8 transform the tablet market? Align your chakras and leave us a comment in the comments or on our Facebook page.