Lenovo 5-inch Android tablet leaks

Lenovo is working on a 5-inch Android tablet, according to leaked pictures. But is it a small slate or a big phone?

The ideal tablet size is open to debate. Steve Jobs famously disliked 7-inchers, while Samsung has spread its bets and gone for one of seemingly every size available. Now Lenovo is backing the small size, if this picture of a 5-inch Android tablet is genuine.

An anonymous tipster sent the images to Engadget. And while there aren't that many specs, what we do know looks pretty good.

The device is dual-core, which should make it pretty fast (though not as zippy as HTC's rumoured quad-core beast). From the photos we can deduce there's a micro-USB port, HDMI and front-facing camera. Engadget supposes it'll ship with three capacitive buttons, which would mean it won't have Android Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich.

It does look a lot like the discontinued Dell Streak 5, though whether it'll have the ability to make voice calls or not (ie work as a phone), there's no word. The similarly sized Samsung Galaxy Note has phone capability, so it'd make sense for this to pack it too.

There's no definitive name, but the source says it'll ship under a new line named IdeaTab, while in China it'll be known as LePad, a name we haven't heard in a while. Lenovo's laptop line is known as IdeaPad, so this could well square.

And that's about your lot. There's no word on how Samsung's Galaxy Note is doing, but the Dell Streak 5 flopped at this size, so it'll be interesting to see if a tiny tablet can succeed. We're guessing we'll see more either at CES in January, or at Mobile World Congress in February.

Would you use a 5-inch tablet? Or is that too middling a size? Maybe a 7-inch is more your bag? Or closer to 10? Let us know what you reckon either below or over on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Engadget