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Legrand designs USB charging for your wall

Hunting for an AC adaptor to charge your smartphone and competing for powerpoints is a thoroughly modern hassle, but Australians can now get their USB charging fix direct from the wall.

More power to you: Legrand's USB charging solution. Legrand

Electrical manufacturer Legrand is hoping to address "Australia's high demand for charging mobile products" with the the Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module -- a wall fixture that can be used to charge multiple mobile devices at their maximum speed, at the same time.

It comes in a variety of configurations, from a double USB port between two traditional power outlets, up to six double ports that allow for the charging of twelve devices at a time. Most importantly, each individual USB port has a 2.1A charging capacity (or 4.2A in total for the double module) -- a first in Australia, according to Legrand.

That capacity ensures users can plug in two devices at once, simultaneously charging any combination of devices, such as tablets, smartphones or digital cameras.

HPM Legrand Australia category manager Eduardo Yudowski, said the USB Charging Module was perfect for power-hungry Australians.

"Recent research indicates that Australians are not only spending more time connected, but are using more devices to do so," he said.

"The need to be connected and the increasing reliance on portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and GPSs is placing competing demands for access to power points to charge devices at home and at work.

"Often, you'll have to unplug one device to charge another or charge through a computer USB port at a reduced charging capacity -- an inconvenient or frustrating experience.

"The Excel Life USB Charging Module solves this problem by providing consumers with a fast and convenient solution for charging multiple devices, without compromising on charging capacity. Plugging devices into the wall using a USB cable eliminates the need for bulky manufacturers' chargers and frees up power points for other devices, such as TVs and computers."

The module requires a professional installation from your local sparky, and is available direct through the trade. Pricing varies according to the number of power points and modules in the installation, but as a guide, a double power point and dual USB charger configuration starts from AU$90, while a six dual-USB socket configuration starts at AU$340 (prices exclude installation).