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LED table raises the bar

This color-changing bar table sets its own style. Integrated LEDs phase between red, blue, and green, giving the table its distinctive look.

The fun LumiSource Spyra bar table and bar stool light up a room.
The fun LumiSource Spyra bar table and bar stool light up a room.
Living in Comfort

Forget any other uses for LEDs; the only place they really need to be is in the bar.

LEDs are everywhere. They are used in everything from remote controls to giant wall displays and televisions. The little lights are a ubiquitous part of everyday life: signs tell us where to go, clocks tell us what time it is, control panels let us know the state of our devices. Lately, they have been showing up in everything from DLP projectors to streetlights.

The first LEDs in practical use had very little light output and would be often found in alphanumerical displays and in use as indicator lights. They now have a practical use in another low-light situation: the bar.

The LumiSource Spyra LED Light-Up Bar Table, designed for the consumer market, mirrors the easy availability of LEDs. Featuring an etched acrylic top and chrome styling, the table cycles through color-changing LEDs that make for an illuminating drinking experience. And yes, there are matching bar stools available.

Perhaps one day all eating and drinking tables will have on/off switches, the ability to hold on a particular color or adjust the rate of change as needed--with an internal battery to boot. Considering that LED development has been said to follow a pattern of exponential growth similar to Moore's Law, a bright (and not at all tacky) future may only be a few rounds away.