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Land Rover in 360-degree bullet time

An Australian collective has created some spectacular 360-degree bullet-time photography for a car ad.

This seamless 360-degree bullet-time video for Land Rover shows the technique at its best.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

Last year, we were wowed by this demonstration of light-painting captured in bullet-time photography. The Australian duo behind the creation, Splice Boys, have just unveiled their latest work.

A bullet-time rig consists of a number of SLRs hooked up together to simultaneously capture the same photo from different perspectives. This ad for Land Rover was filmed in China throughout 2012.

Unlike other 360-degree rigs, which show the other cameras in the finished sequence, the Splice Boys were able to come up with a clever way of getting around this technicality. They divided the circle into segments so that they could shoot the car in different locations, but still make it look like a seamless transition in the edit.

You can read more about the Splice Boys' technique in our interview.

Splice Boys Directed - Land Rover TVC + Making Of from Richard Kendall on Vimeo.