Kodak PlayFull and PlaySport mini-camcorders swing into Vegas

Kodak is swinging into Vegas with a sharp young pair of 1080p mini-camcorders: the elegant, 5-megapixel still-shooting PlayFull and the waterproof, pool-party ready PlaySport.

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Nick Hide
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Kodak's new mini-camcorders have rocked into Vegas for CES 2011 Swingers-style: one elegant and playful, one chunky and a bit uptight. The young Vince Vaughn of the pair is the PlayFull (pictured left and middle), a compact full HD 1080p shooter that can chop 5-megapixel still pics from your footage.

The homelier Jon Favreau of the duo is the new PlaySport (right), a refreshed version of last year's model. Still water- and dustproof, the PlaySport is shockproof too. It can also handle 1080p video, and has a 2-inch LCD.

Both money minicams have Kodak's share software onboard to let you cut together a quick edit and splash it all over your Facebooks and Twitters, YouTubes and Flickrs. The PlayFull has an idiot-proof Share button to do just that once you've connected it to a PC with its built-in, flip-out USB connector.

The PlayFull is packing a bunch of effects you can add to gussy up your home movies: black and white, sepia, high saturation and 70s film look are all onboard, as are the mighty handy face tracking and electronic image stabilisation.

The PlaySport has all that and an underwater white balance mode, for all your pool-party needs. A small amount of internal memory will be expandable with SD cards up to 32GB, in both minicams.

The PlayFull will be available in silver, blue-silver, purple-silver and blue-black editions for $150 (£96), while the new PlaySport will sport black, red, green, white and aqua colours for $180 (£115). Both are expected in the UK this spring, with British prices TBA. The current PlaySport, which we thought was great fun, will set you back somewhere under £90.

Our intrepid reporters are on their way to Nevada as we speak and will have some dapper hands-on photos for you later in the week. You can check out all our coverage of CES 2011 here.