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KitchenAid's new fridge is more than a pretty face

Sure, KitchenAid's newest French door bottom freezer fridge looks great, with it's shiny LCD screen and chrome detailing. But it's also big on function.

Don't hate it because it's beautiful. KitchenAid

If you take a look at the new KitchenAid French Door bottom freezer fridge, you might think that the only changes are the chrome details and full color LCD screen on the newly contoured doors. You might, but you'd be wrong.

Open those lovely doors, and you'll find a larger fridge capacity (2 cubic feet more than previous models), shelves that extend an additional three quarters of an inch, and advanced LED lighting so that you can see everything you cram inside. The fridge also features an in-door water and ice system and a convenient tilt-out ice door.

You may even be able to cut down on waste, thanks to the individually sealed storage compartments and the crisper with extra gaskets for perfect sealing and humidity control.

Back to that LCD screen: it comes with use and care information, an integrated kitchen timer, access to suggested ingredient substitutions and measurement conversions, and a USB port for loading images. So if your kitchen is lacking in USB ports--and I know mine is--KitchenAid has you covered.

Seriously, though, if don't own a bottom freezer fridge, you should really consider switching. Having the fridge on top puts your most frequently used items at eye level. It's incredibly convenient. We switched four years ago, and have never looked back.

The new refrigerator will be available starting in April for around $2,800.