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Kindle Voyage lands in Australia

Amazon's Kindle Voyage, available in the US since October, is now available for purchase in Aussie stores.

The Kindle Voyage (front) and its predecessor, the Kindle Paperwhite (rear). Amazon

The Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi has officially landed in Australia this morning, available from today from Dick Smith's online store for a retail price of AU$299.

The most recent e-reader from Amazon, the biggest player in the market, the Voyage offers several upgrades over its predecessor, the Paperwhite. The most noticeable is the screen resolution -- coming in at a whopping 1080x1430 and 300 ppi over six inches compared to 758x 1024 at 212 ppi for the Paperwhite.

It's also thinner and lighter at 7.6 millimetres and 180 grams, with a glass flush front, similar to what Kobo introduced with the Aura, and improved contrast and back-lighting. In addition, it has added a page-turn pressure pad at either side of the screen with haptic feedback; when you press down, a discreet vibration will let you know that the page has turned.

Finally, on-board storage has doubled -- from 2 GB to 4GB.

The Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi retails for $219 in the US, or roughly AU$275, plus sales tax, depending on the buyer's location. Australian buyers would pay no sales tax buying from Amazon, but local availability offers Australian customers the opportunity to shorten or avoid waiting periods, and to get their units serviced or returned processed locally, should the need arise.

In addition to being available on the Dick Smith website, the Voyage Wi-Fi will be available in the Dick Smith George Street store in Sydney and the Dick Smith Bourke Street store in Melbourne as of May 1.

You can read our full review of the Kindle Voyage here.