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KFC limited-edition chicken bucket doubles as a Bluetooth photo printer

Need some greasy Polaroids with your next bucket of fried chicken? KFC invents the Memories Bucket, which lets people print pictures right from the bucket with Bluetooth.

Your next KFC chicken bucket might let you print your greasy selfies. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been operating in Canada for 60 years, and to celebrate that milestone anniversary, the company is getting a little weird. Well, weirder, I guess, as the global food chain is also responsible for such monstrosities as the cookie coffee cup and fried-chicken iPhone case.

KFC released a commercial on the company's YouTube channel last week teasing something called the Memories Bucket, a bucket of fried chicken with an embedded photo printer that spits out Polaroid pictures. The bucket connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and after a few taps, prints a picture out of the hidden compartment at the bottom of the bucket.

It seems more like one of those deliberately silly inventions called chindogu than an actual product, but the company indicated on Facebook that more information about the promotion would be coming soon, and that it would be giving away some of these photo buckets to a few lucky individuals in coming weeks.

So in addition to a fried-chicken dinner, apparently a few people will get some greasy Polaroids to always remind them of that time KFC released a photo printer chicken bucket. For some reason.