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Keyspan SX Pro Serial Card problems reported

Keyspan SX Pro Serial Card problems reported

We have recently received several emails noting problems with Keyspan's SX Pro Serial Card. Here is a sampler:

Beige G3 Mac conflict Al Heynneman writes: "According to Keyspan Tech Support, the new Keyspan SX Pro Serial Card is not compatible with beige G3's due to an 'open firmware bug on Apple's motherboard ROM.'" Al found that he could not even get the driver to load (the extension icon had a red x over it at startup).

No MIDI support? Robin Atkinson purchased this same card for use with MIDI applications on his beige G3. He apparently did get the driver to load. However, he writes: "After receiving the card, I noticed that the MIDI setup documentation was missing from the CD. The link to this documentation on the Keyspan web site is also missing. While Keyspan Tech Support assured him that the card did support MIDI, Robin was unable to get any of his MIDI software to work with it.

Modem problems (and more) in G3/BW Macs Randy Lawrence bought the same card for use with his G3/BW Mac. He claims that if the Mac has a built-in modem, the card will not work. "In fact, it consistently reconfigured my modem port settings every time I would bootup, and would cause my computer to crash and freeze when I would launch my web browser."