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Keep your burgers lean

Cut the fat in your burgers without cutting the taste. The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer makes healthy burgers easy.

The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer Burger Buddy

There are just some days where nothing but a juicy burger will cut it. We all know exactly how healthy a big burger is, though. But there are ways to feel slightly better about your hamburgers. The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer offers a fast way to eliminate fat. While it may look like a standard burger mold, the Burger Buddy Fat Reducer is actually used in a different way. After you finish grilling your burger patty, you place it in the press, flush out the fat with hot water and press the patty to maintain the great grilled flavor. Grease will drain away and you can simply dispose of it, rather than eating it. You can remove up to 50 percent of the fat in a cooked hamburger through this method.

The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer is made from plastic and is dishwasher safe. It can be used on meats other than simple burgers: whether you're making sausage patties or steaks, you can squeeze off fat with the press. There's no need to change the recipes you're using for such dishes; just add the step of pressing them after cooking. The Burger Buddy Fat Reducer costs $17.50.