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Keep food toasty warm, even when you're not

A cordless warming tray that keeps dinner at the perfect temperature.

In my neck of the woods, this is the perfect time of year for hosting an outdoor dinner event. And while I recognize that much of the country is already zipping up the overcoats and digging out the mittens and scarves, you might also occasionally serve a meal outside the kitchen. And when you do, you might like to keep it warm.

Food-laden dishes not included. Hammacher Schlemmer

If you're not into the whole teppanyaki thing, then go for a simpler solution. Hammacher Schlemmer gives this full-size cordless warming tray high marks--it's the last of the potential gift ideas we're looking at from the catalog that prides itself on showcasing only the best.

The tray heats up in just eight minutes when you plug it into a standard AC outlet. The external LEDs glow red to let you know the unit plugged in and charging. Once it's hot, the LEDs switch to green. At that point you can unplug the tray, detach the cord, and move the unit wherever you'd like- it'll keep food warm for up to an hour. An internal regulator prevents temperature fluctuations and fading, regardless of whether the unit is plugged in.

The tray is 24 inches wide by 12 inches long, so you can fit quite a few dishes on it. Serve up your holiday meals in style, and enjoy.