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Keep fingers out of condiments

Little fingers are a constant bane of the pickle jar. But with the FridgeFork Condiment Fork, you can eliminate an excuse for fishing pickles out without a fork.

The FridgeFork ShopFosters

I'm guilty of occasionally sticking my fingers straight into a pickle jar to fish out a snack. It's gross when you think about how many fingers have been in that jar, but in the moment, it's easy to forget to grab a fork. Chef'N has a solution for the problem: The FridgeFork attaches to your condiment jar so that you never have to look for a fork again.

The FridgeFork has a loop that stretches around the top of a jar--the loop is attached to a holder for the fork. It comes with both a small loop and a large loop, able to fit all of your condiment jars. The fork is 6.5 inches long, perfect for fishing around for olives or pickles. It's also an ideal tool if you're planning to take a condiment jar along on a picnic. You won't have to go looking for a fork to get pickles from the jar to your sandwich. The FridgeFork is silicone and plastic, with steel tines for the fork. It comes in three colors: avocado, cherry, and meringue. The FridgeFork costs $6 at