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JVC says cheerio to GZ-MG500 and come hereio to GZ-MG505

The original Everio GZ-MG500 was a heart-stopping monument to man's greatest achievements. Some suggested it might eclipse even the pyramids. Here's the upgrade!

Everyone's favourite hard-disk based camcorder, the JVC Everio GZ-MG500, has been given a new heart -- the heart of a pretty young road accident victim. The MG500's old organ, worn dry and coarse by constant abuse, has been replaced in the GZ-505 by the fresh tissue of a 30GB hard disk (the MG500 had just 4GB).

Though the new model retains the 3CCD sensor of the original, there are changes to the chassis -- and at first glance we're not particularly fond of them. The GZ-MG500 had the most innovative and stylish looking chassis out there, but with the GZ-MG505, JVC has clearly dipped its head one two many times in the lake of mediocrity and decided to opt for this painfully uninspired fold-out LCD.

The new LCD may offer improved visibility over the previous, smaller rear-mounted panel. But where's the chutzpah? Where's the grandiose aspiration to global fashion icon status? Curse you JVC, curse you and your lack of vision.

The GZ-MG505 has already met high acclaim, apparently winning a TIPA Award -- and this despite not even being available to anyone yet, according to the good folks at Engadget.

JVC is definitely onto a winner with this one. Its flagship consumer hard-disk camcorder is winning Oscars without bothering to turn up on set. Well done JVC, well done. No pricing or availablity information could be prised from the company's lips, but we'll let you know when JVC spills the beans. -CS