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Justbeats by Dr Dre Solo headphones bring Justin Bieber and Dr Dre together at last

The Justbeats by Dr Dre Solo headphones bring together a pop pipsqueak and hip-hop svengali in a duet literally no-one wanted. That's right -- we're talking Dr Dre and Justin Bieber.

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Richard Trenholm
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Just one short year ago, we'd never heard of inexplicably popular, puberty-dodging, Lego-haired pop homunculus Justin Bieber. A year down the line, the Dairylea-faced irritant still doesn't have any body hair, but he does have Justbeats Solo: his own signature Monster Beats by Dr Dre headphones.

The Justbeats Solo headphones are over-ear cans available in white and purple, which is little Jussy's favourite colour. The tortuously named iBeats by Dr Dre Justbeats Edition are an in-ear version. The headphones come with a voice-activated remote control for hands-free chatting to BFFs when plugged into your iPhone.

According to the press release, "by putting on a pair of Justbeats by Dr Dre, Justin's fans will now hear the intricate details of a song, really feel the music and unlock its emotion, just the way he intended it". Yes, true Beliebers, you can now hear the intricate details interlaced in such lyrics as "For you, I would do whatever", and unlock the deep-rooted emotion imbued in such heartfelt couplets as "When I met you my heart went knock knock, now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop" and "I was, like, baby, baby, baby, oh, like, baby, baby, baby, oh, like, baby, baby, baby, oh".

We question why Monster has chosen to work with Bieber, as previously it's only worked with artists with titles: Dre, who certainly didn't spend seven years at hip-hop medical school to be called Mr Dre, and Lady Gaga. Bieber should be way back at the end of the Monster queue, behind Prince, Lady Sovereign and the Kings of Leon.

Monster also recently released rather snazzy Daft Punk headphones celebrating new film Tron: Legacy.

The over-ear Justbeats will cost fans of detail, emotion and heavily-autotuned pre-pubescent warbling a mere $170 (£110). The in-ear versions cost $120 (£75).