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Juicer gives new meaning to rise and shine

Brightly colored and easy to use, the Bodum 'Bistro' Citrus Juicers stand out in the kitchen. Available in a variety of colors, the juicers brighten any morning.

Rise and shine!
Rise and shine!
Sur La Table

Mornings, despite the brightness of the new day, are dark and hectic things. For millions, a first sip of freshly squeezed juice is the catalyst needed to start the day. And sometimes all you need to do is look at the juicer.

Shining like a beacon, the Bodum 'Bistro' Citrus Juicers blaze away morning fog. Fashioned in bright, vibrant colors the juicers awaken the senses before one even reaches the machine. While one may be fully awake before actually getting a chance to even use the juicer, for those that aren't, the easy-to-use appliance offers foolproof operation.

Measuring 11 inches tall by 6.5-inches across, the juicer features a drip-free spout that is tall enough to fit a glass under. Its motor drives a reamer that automatically separates juice from pulp. A lid completes the experience by letting users wring out every last bit of juice from the pulp; just press down on the lid. Even if one's motor skills haven't caught up with the rest of the eye-opening experience, the juicer makes it easy for everyone to get through the morning.