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Jetboil saves campers from coffee withdrawals

Jetboil Personal Cooking System boils two cups of water in two minutes.

Coffee. Now. Please.

I think I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I need my coffee in the morning. Immediately. Yes, I could be one of those plan-ahead people who have the automatic timer set to brew a steaming cup of deliciousness as soon as my head leaves the pillow. But I'm not. Anyway, I prefer to make my coffee on the stovetop in an espresso style maker. Since I doubt that timed automatic gas-fired stovetop burners will ever be in vogue, I will have to keep saving a cup of coffee in preparation for kick starting the next morning.

However, when I go camping, I do not have the luxury of saving a cup of coffee from the day before. (Unless of course, I brought a thermos, but again, that would require a bit of that plan-ahead mentality). Jetboil looks like it might be the next best thing to immediate coffee gratification.

Stumble out of your tent, head to the picnic bench, and fire the Jetboil Personal Cooking System up. In two minutes, you'll have two cups of boiling water. That's fast. Even I can survive two minutes without coffee. I bet it has something to do with that burner output of 4500 BTU per hour.

Oh, besides coffee, it also could heat up soup, dehydrated camping food, and water for pasta too. You know, the other nourishment besides coffee--food.