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Jawbone user data shows Indians sleep less than most westerners

The US-based wearables company has been compiling data on the sleeping and walking habits of its Indian Jawbone Up users, reporting that they rest and walk less than many westerners.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Eight hours is said to be the sweet spot of sleep, but it's an amount that many in the west struggle to get.

It's even worse in India though, with wearables maker Jawbone on Tuesday releasing a report on habits of users in the populous nation. Compiled after analysing data from Up fitness trackers, the report showed the average night of sleep among Indian users hovered around 6.5 hours.

Kolkata's residents got the least sleep, with an average of 6 hours and 16 minutes, while those in Panaji enjoyed the most at 6 hours and 46 minutes. Jawbone says it analysed aggregated data from thousands of Up users throughout the year for the report.

The findings show that Indians are getting less sleep than their friends in the west. Australia is one of the most well-rested nations, hitting just over eight hours of sleep a night, according to the Australasian Sleep Association. Meanwhile, Sleep Cycle's data shows that the average person person in the UK gets between seven and eight hours, with America lagging behind, at just under seven hours per night.

The advent of lifestyle trackers, like smartbands such as Jawbone's Up series and Fitbits, as well as sleep tracking and heartrate apps, are proving to be a quick and accurate way to measure of the health and habits of people around the world.

Also reported by Jawbone on Tuesday was the amount of daily steps Indians are taking. Panaji took top spot, walking an average of 8,792 steps a day. On the other end of the spectrum, Hyderabad moved the least, with an average 6,480 steps per day.

For comparison, in 2010 Australia's Bureau of Statistics reported that Australians between 2011 and 2012 walked around 7,400 steps daily. Once again falling behind was America, with a 2013 study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showing that Americans took an average 5,117 steps per day.