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Jawbone Up FuelBand rival returns to UK, Android app in tow

After being yanked from shop shelves, the fitness-tracking wrist ornament is back on sale, now with Android support.

Jawbone's 'Up' fitness-tracking gadget is back on sale in the UK, following a glitch-riddled first launch in 2011.

The first iteration of the rubbery wrist-ornament proved unpopular with some buyers, who complained of undue wear and tear, and irritating software glitches. In an open letter, Jawbone's CEO offered a refund, and pinned the blame on capacitors in the Up's power system that were failing to hold a charge, among other things.

Jawbone had a second stab at its Nike+ FuelBand rival back in November, and now that revamped gadget has been put on sale across Europe.

CNET.com has already reviewed the new Up, praising its comfortable design, but criticising a lack of Bluetooth, which means you need to plug it into your smart phone every time you want to sync data.

The Up costs £99, making it cheaper than its major rival, the £129 FuelBand, which sees you filling a progress bar every day by charging up stairs or running away from rabid urban foxes (my main source of exercise).

It lacks fictional fuel, but as of today the Up has one major advantage over its Nike-branded rival -- Android support. The app is available on Google Play now, and fills your phone with charts that remind you how much -- or how little -- exercise you're getting.

Nike said in February that it has no current plans to make an Android app, Engadget reports, meaning fitness-tracking fans of Google's green robot are out of luck on the FuelBand front, at least for now.

Have you tried the Jawbone Up? Will you give this second iteration a try, or do the first version's failings make you reluctant to throw down cash? Get physical down in the comments, or on our muscular Facebook wall.