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iTunes error 414; Downloading of multiple iPhone Apps not functioning properly

Some users, when attempting to download several iPhone Applications, receive the error code 414 and are not able to download them.

Joe Aimonetti MacFixIt Editor
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Joe Aimonetti
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Some users, when attempting to download several iPhone Applications, receive the error code 414 and are not able to download them. The error seems to particularly affect users with more than a few downloads to complete. Most users in this Apple Discussions Forum thread report needing to update upwards of 20 Apps.

Many are calling this a bug in the iTunes Store system related to the "mature content" warnings Apple uses on Apps with a 17+ rating. Apple Discussions user "ecasadei" reports:

I'm getting the same error. I have 97 app updates available, and when I try to "Download All Free Updates" at once, a window pops up stating "IMPORTANT: This product contains material that may be objectionable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." and then I get an error message stating that iTunes could not complete my request because an unknown error (414) occurred. I have no idea which of these apps has been given a 17+ rating -- at first glance they all seem pretty tame -- otherwise, I'd update those manually and then try to download the rest all at once again. As it stands, I'm forced to update them all one by one. I've also seen the following error appear when I try to get an update on some individual apps:
MZCommerceBuy.AgeCheckFailureKey.addToCart_message MZCommerceBuy.AgeCheckFailureKey.explanation
There's clearly some sort of bug in the age verification process during app updates. Frankly, I don't need Apple to babysit me with regard to my App Store purchases. I'm hoping that the popup asking me to confirm my age is part of this bug, and that it's not something I'll be forced to do every time I want to update a 17+ app. That would be a little ridiculous.
So the general consensus here is to download your 17+ rated Apps one at a time and save all your others for a mass download. It would also be helpful to download your updates for applications before too many build up in your queue. You can update many of your applications directly from your iPhone and download updates on your computer even if your iPhone is not plugged in. While it does not appear that the recent update to Snow Leopard directly addressed this issue, watch for the next iTunes update to tackle the problem (and we will let you know if it does).

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