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It's not lame; it's lah-may

Grignette tool helps you slice professional-looking designs in your home-baked bread

A grignette is the culprit responsible for the interesting shapes in baguettes and boules. Made in Cantal

To continue our celebration of Bread Month at The Brooklyn Kitchen, a shop in my neighborhood that's the best go-to spot for appliances and kitchen gadgets, I'm introducing you to this odd-looking blade that breadmakers know as a lame (lah-may).

Maybe you've already been introduced to this curved-blade tool, also known as a grignette. But if you're like me and it's new to you, here's the deal: this little guy is responsible for the pretty patterns that show up in the crust of freshly baked breads like baguettes and round boules. Chefs use the knife to slice patterns into the dough when it's raw, and as the bread bakes, the cuts cause the bread to expand in a way that creates beautiful peaks and valleys.

This beautiful bread tool is an inexpensive addition to your kitchen, in Brooklyn or otherwise. It's available for $5.99 on The Brooklyn Kitchen's Web site.

The Brooklyn Kitchen