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It's never too late for frozen pops

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a fun way to create frozen treats right on the countertop.

Fun for kids and parents alike.

The leaves may be turning and the clocks fallen back, but that doesn't mean good frozen treats have to go away. Especially frozen pops that are homemade. When you make them yourself, you can control exactly what goes in there, allowing you to make them as healthy (or not) as you desire. All you need is a mold of some sort, your favorite juice, and a freezer. Except now, you don't even need a freezer.

OK, a freezer is still necessary to make frozen pops, but you don't need to make them in the freezer. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a handy little device that makes frozen treats right on the countertop. Without using electricity, ingredients freeze in the cast-aluminum molds, as a proprietary solution sealed inside the base does its magic. The contraption needs to be prechilled for about 24-hours to do its thing, but once put to use, it can make several rounds of frozen pops at a time.

The whole process is perfect for kids, especially those with a mad scientist streak in them. Parents should like that they have complete control over the ingredients. From juices to yogurt and even fruits, the homemade pops are a clever way to keep celebrating summer all year round.