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Is there a cash-back option for that store? The Cash Back Button tells you

Save time and score more rebates with this handy browser plug-in.

Six percent back from Groupon? Who knew? You did, thanks to the Ebates Cash Back Button.
Rick Broida/CNET

Free money.

That's really what a cash-back site offers you: cash rebates you simply couldn't have gotten otherwise. Spend $100 at a store offering 6 percent back and presto: You just pocked an extra $6. It's not a fortune, but if you saw $6 lying on the sidewalk, you'd stop and pick it up, wouldn't you?

If there's a downside at all, it's the bit of extra effort that's usually involved: Visit an online store, decide to buy something, head to the cash-back site to see if there's a rebate available. If there is, you go to that page, click through to go back to the store, then complete the checkout process.

It's not what I would call a hardship, but there's definitely a faster, easier option: the Cash Back Button. Available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, this browser extension instantly notifies you if there's an Ebates cash-back option for the store you're visiting.

This is new, but also not new: Ebates used to have something similar in the form of a toolbar, but it turns out people hate toolbars -- hence, something a little less intrusive.

Once it's installed, you simply sign in once to link the button to your Ebates account. Then go about your business. Whenever you land at a store or product page where there's a rebate available, the plug-in will show you a big button with the cash-back percentage. When you click to activate it, the page will refresh, at which point you can complete your shopping.

So not only do you get alerted to every available Ebates rebate (there are a lot I would have missed without the button), you also get a much faster way to activate Ebates tracking. Win-win.

Whether you're new to cash-back services or already an Ebates user, the Cash Back Button is a must-have addition to your browser.