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This smart umbrella tells you when you need an umbrella

Billed as the world's first super umbrella, the TARAbrella has its own built-in weather forecast system.

The TARABrella's integrated LED signals when when rain is coming.


Meet TARAbrella, an upcoming lightweight smart umbrella that features an integrated advanced weather detection system, "anti-lost tracker," glowing LED tip, and carbon-fiber material "five times stronger than steel."

TARA, the company behind the new umbrella, has launched an Indiegogo Campaign and claims the product will ship in October of this year to early-bird backers who pay $49 (about £33 or AU$67).

The umbrella comes with its own wall mount that also serves as a charging stand for the device. A color-changing LED on the handle alerts you when it's umbrella weather.

Here's a look at the umbrella's key features, according to TARA.

  • Feather weight: Approximately 198 grams, the TARAbrella is lighter than the iPhone.
  • Weather forecast system: A built-in, pressure-sensing piece of hardware that provides an accurate weather forecast within as short a time of 6 hours.
  • Patented safety runner: Durability and ease of use combine here to allow the contraption to be locked or release with a simple click.
  • Super LED light: Equipped atop the TARAbrella is a super LED light that can brighten up dark or foggy places to ensure the user's safety in hazardous conditions.
  • Anti-lost tracker: A detachable clip will alert the wearer if they move more than a set amount of feet from the TARAbrella.
  • Ergonomic design handle: The handle of TARAbrella was crafted to ergonomically fit in your hand, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time with the smooth texture.

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