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iPod Updater 1.2 Bugs

iPod Updater 1.2 Bugs

Yesterday Apple released iPod Updater 1.2, which includes an increase in audio playback quality, user interface improvements and other new features. Several readers are reporting problems after installing the update. Time Myers writes:

"When I run the updater, it detects the iPod and tells me it needs updating. When I click 'update,' it unmounts the iPod from the desktop and then reports that an iPod has been detected but needs to be mounted on the desktop for the update to be performed. No amount of plugging/unplugging mounting/unmounting will get it to work. The only option that works is to do a restore of the iPod which updates it to 1.2 but erases all your music and data."

UPDATE: Brian Webster offers a simple potential workaround for the "failure to mount" problem:

"I had a very similar problem, where I clicked the Update button in the updater application, then I unplugged and replugged the iPod with no response. Then, on a whim, I decided to unplug the end of the cable that was plugged into the computer instead of the end that was plugged into the iPod. For some reason, unplugging that end worked when the other end didn't. The updater found the iPod and everything went smoothly after that."

Joe Ferguson reports some difficulty using the contact synchronization function:

"All but one of my contacts were deleted and the Entourage to iPod contact importer no longer worked after updating. I exported all my contacts and imported them into my Apple address book and tried the Address book to iPod importer. The contacts were visible but not formatted correctly. I then deleted all contact files from my iPod, selected all my addresses from the Entourage window and dragged them into the iPod's contact folder, which worked. Each contact is an individual file now, but all appear well on the iPod screen."