iPhoto 9.1.2 update adds card themes, fixes bugs

Apple has released an update to iPhoto that fixes a number of bugs with the program in addition to adding new card themes.

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Topher Kessler
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Apple has released a new version of iPhoto '11 today that addresses a number of bugs with the prior version and also adds new card themes. The update should be available via Software Update if you have iPhoto '11 installed, but it can also be downloaded from the iPhoto 9.1.2 update Web page.

The bugs fixed with this update are the following:

  • Addresses an issue that prevented the Zoom slider from being accessible in Magnify (1-Up) view
  • Fixes an issue where Toolbars were not autohiding in Full Screen view
  • Search field now correctly performs an "includes" search when searching by text string
  • Fixes minor formatting issues with book, card, and calendar themes
  • Message Size of e-mails now correctly updates when changes are made using the Photo Size menu
  • Addresses an issue that prevented some iPhoto 5 libraries from upgrading correctly
  • Multiple book pages can now be drag-selected when in All Pages view
  • Design tools in print project panels are now accessible via separate Layout and Options buttons
  • Photo backgrounds applied to a book are now preserved when book type is changed
  • Tab key can now be used to navigate through all text fields in a book project

Be sure if you update that you first at least back up your iPhoto library, or more preferably that you create a fully restorable backup of your system using Time Machine or a drive-cloning utility.

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